GUBAT BANWA - Martial Arts Tactics and War Drama TTRPG
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Abstract element with blood splatter isolated,vector design
Watercolor Batik Florals Blue and Green Long Leaf
Abstract Gold Splash Stroke
Dried Blood Splatters
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Dried Blood Splatters
Dried Blood Splatters
Watercolor Batik Florals Blue and Green Long Leaf

GUBAT BANWA is a Martial Arts Tactics and War Drama Tabletop RPG created by Joaquin Kyle Saavedra and Dylan Briones.

You play as martial artists poised to change the world: Kadungganan: the cavalry, the wandering swordsmen, the tide turners, the knights-errant, the ones to call in darkest night in a world inspired and centering Southeast Asian folklore.

“Violence for violence’s sake is not the rule of beasts but the nature of divinity.”

You can scarcely imagine it.

A sky of a thousand

thousand worlds.

The Mahamandalas

Rajahnate of


Painted warriors of the endless sea, raiders blazing the sea, seafarers that sail to heaven and seize its thunderclaps. Folk of poetry, battle, and ritual.

Confederation of


Stewards of the Divine Wilds, Guardians of the Primeval Harmony. Harmonious with the Heart of the World living alongside the nature they arose from. Ritualists attuned to the gods.

Sultanate of


Holy knights of the Sacral Moon. Soldiers of the Sultana, Cavaliers of The Most High Goddess. Through their Striving, they spread the moongleam across the Isles. Folk of war and expansion.

Lakanate of


Survivors turned conquerors. Once-colonized Folk of the Lakan, who seek to unite the Sword Isles under a single banner. Pious and ritualistic faithful of the Localized Star.

Kingdom of


The resplendent kingdom, the refulgent elder mandala. Led by the Goddess-Empress whose righteousness must be spread across all lands to bring all to virtue. Folk of trade and magick.

Abstract Gold Splash Stroke
Gold Metallic Brushstroke
Blood Splat
Gold Metallic Brushstroke
Abstract Gold Splash Stroke

Gubat Banwa belongs to Joaquin Kyle Saavedra/Makapatag published under CC by 4.0. Art from the book may not be used. Makapatag has the right to reject anything that does not align with Gubat Banwa's principles as well as any offensive use.